RH Hybrids


The RH Hybrids (Rapido Hot Hybrids) are made in the same way as the Oily Hybrid with a hard, cooked exterior and a paste centre which is exposed at each end. The hard, boiled exterior ensures that the bait remains intact for a long period and the paste centre releases its flavours and attractors quickly for maximum attraction and a fast response from the cats. The RH has a strong, unique smell and the complex bait recipe provides a digestible, nutritional food source that is perfect for cats. It is a spicy fish meal bait containing hydrolysates, natural extracts, oils and spices. The RH is a fantastic bait with a proven track record as an all season bait. Tests have that the RH is a very effective bait as the water temperature drops with plenty of cats being caught with water temperatures down to about 6 to 7 degrees. This is definitely the one to go for at the beginning of the season when the water’s still cold.