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Completely new bait concept and fantastic Big Cat catcher.

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We slightly modified the Hybrid recipe to make the Oily Hybrid, a bait that is perfect for catfish. We increased the protein level with extra fishmeals and soluble fish proteins and also increased the levels of fresh salmon oil. Not only do catfish go mad for the ‘smell’ of the flavour and attractors in this bait but from a nutritional point of view the oily Hybrids are perfect for catfish.  Once they get a taste for this bait they will actively search them out. Oily Hybrid have cooked (like boilies) outer and soft paste centre. The paste centre releases attractors and flavours, as soon as it lands in water and resistant outer protects this highly attractive bait from small fish. They are open on the sides for the paste to be able release.

Of course, carp also love the Oily Hybrids. The higher protein and oil content in the Oily Hybrids make this a fantastic bait for carp once the water temperature rises.  They are excellent for carp once the water warms up, especially on short sessions when the strong release of oils and attractors from the Oily Hybrids will draw the carp in from a long way. For the rest of the year the classic Hybrids are the ideal choice if you are targeting carp.


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