Mirage XT

Virtually invisible fluorocarbon hook link material in 15m spools.

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We have taken the technology used in our Tiger line to produce two other fantastic fluorocarbon products: Armure Leader and Mirage XT.

Mirage XT is virtually invisible in water, has exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance and you won’t find a better fluorocarbon hook link material.

Available on 15m spools in 6 different diameters/breaking strains: 0.28mm(10lb); 0.31mm(12lb); 0.33mm(16lb); 0.37mm(20lb); 0.43mm(25lb); 0.47mm(35lb).

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10lb/0.28mm, 12lb/0.31mm, 16lb/0.33mm, 20lb/0.37mm, 25lb/0.43mm, 35lb/0.47mm