Food Boost


Formulated to stimulate a rapid feeding response, these complex boosters are made from the same blend of flavours and liquid attractors used in our boilies. They don’t melt PVA bags or mesh but the water soluble attractors in their make-up release highly attractive food signals into the surrounding water. Ideal as a bait soak on boilies as they match the complex of food signals being released by your bait. Simply pour a little Food Boost over your boilies as a bait soak and dip your hook bait before casting. The Food Boost instantly releases a powerful ‘FOOD’ signal which enhances your bait’s attraction, draws carp into the area and stimulates them to feed.

Also ideal with Bag & Stick Mixes as well as for groundbait. Gives a real boost to pellets. In fact there are loads of applications for these versatile products and they are specifically developed for all-season use.

Supplied in a convenient squirty bottle for easy application. The cap can be also taken off and the wide neck opening hook makes it easy to dip your hook bait and also a stick.